Broken Rhodes by Kimber Silver

.ePUB, 298 pages
Publication Date: 16 Aug 2022
By: Silver Plains Publications
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About The Book:
Kinsley Rhodes blows into Harlow, Kansas like a tornado, twisting Sheriff Lincoln James' life into knots. Her grandfather has been murdered and she wants answers. As if the town's first homicide in twenty years wasn't enough, the beleaguered sheriff now has to deal with Henry Rhodes' bobcat of a granddaughter, plunging his life deeper into chaos. As a dark storm threatens, long-held secrets are exposed, placing Kinsley directly in harm's way. In a race against time, Lincoln's prime objective is to discover the killer's identity before Miss Rhodes becomes the next victim.

My Review:
This book had a lot of elements I look for in a story. A murder mystery, a steamy romance, a handsome cop who happens to be friends with the victim, and a family member who returns to town after a long absence and is looking for answers. Is it a local to blame, as everyone seems to think, or is something more sinister afoot in Harlow, Kansas?

I liked the way the author dealt with and wrote about the two main characters' connections in the past and how they have to work together to solve a case that means a lot to them both and how they have to learn to be able to trust one another.

This was a very edge-of-your-seat and suspenseful tale that had an unexpected twist I did not see coming. The characters were relatable, some you love and some you love to hate. The dialogue between characters was realistic and well done and the book will appeal to many different types of readers.  What an amazing debut by a very talented author. I hope there is a sequel as I'd like to see what happens to Kinsley and Lincoln next.

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