The Three Loves of Sebastian Cooper by Zoë Folbigg

The Three Loves of Sebastian Cooper
.ePUB, 347 pages
Expected Publication: 27 Sept 2022
By: Boldwood Books
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About The Book:

As friends and family gather for the funeral of charming and charismatic Seb Cooper, three women sit in the congregation, mourning his loss. First there is Clair, Seb’s wife and partner of twenty years, and mother of his two children. Furious at Seb for dying and leaving their children without a father, Clair isn’t sure of her place, and has been left baffled and bemused by the conflicting stories of Seb’s last days. Then there’s Desiree, the woman Seb left Clair for. Heartbroken, self-conscious, and wondering if she made a mistake coming today. And the third and noisiest mourner of all is Noemie – Seb’s lover and the last woman to see him alive. Three women who loved Seb in their own different ways. Three women whose lives have now changed forever. But only one woman knows what really happened at the end…and only one truly had his heart.

My Review:
This is my fourth book by this author and it was such a pleasure to read, it is the epitome of women's fiction. It is three different love stories, that are entwined and converge in the end with the death of the man these women loved. We also hear about his parents and children and how they are dealing with it all. I loved getting the backstories, especially when he met Clair as a teen. The book is basically Seb's life story from the time he meets Clair with back-and-forth chapters from his funeral as well.

It was really hard not to like Seb, I really wanted to hate him because he was such a cad. First of all, it was hard to hate a dead man, and second of all, he was a wonderful father and a good son. There was also an air of mystery surrounding Seb's death and it is kept secret until the end. I really admired Clare and Desiree, Noemie was a real piece of work though.

This is very much a character-driven story and Folbigg writes interesting and very real characters. They were well-rounded and true to life. And even though the story is dealing with a funeral and the sorrow felt by Seb's loved ones was visceral there were some very funny parts as well. This was a well-rounded story with a writing style and format that keeps the reader engaged. I flew through this four-hundred-page book in no time.

Many thanks to NetGalley, Zoë Folbigg, and Boldwood Books for the giving of the ARC.

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