On The First Day Of Christmas by Faith Hogan

.ePUB, 240 pages
Expected Publication: 13 Oct 2022
By: Head of Zeus | Aria
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About The Book:
When Liv Latimer says goodbye to her colleagues and finishes work for the holidays, she's looking forward to a Christmas to remember with her boyfriend Eddie. But before she makes it home, her phone rings, calling her back into work. And Liv is faced with a choice. Does she do as she's always done, and put herself second? Or, will she say no, so she can finally begin the life she's dreamed of? Liv's decision will turn her world upside down in ways she could never have imagined. Because whatever choice she makes, Liv is about to discover, fate finds a way.

My Review:
This is my fourth book by Faith Hogan and every one of them was a four-star read for me. This book was such a joy, think of it as a yuletide Sliding Doors in Ireland and I so loved that premise. There are two parallel storylines and Faith Hogan managed to keep them running side by side very smoothly. They were easy to decipher from each other because they were written in different fonts and the author used dinkus between each change. 

I so enjoyed reading both versions of Liv and getting to know her. Seeing what happens during the two different roads she takes made for such an interesting read. I was really happy to see her come into her own in both versions, even if she takes different ways to get to the same conclusion. There are many surprises in this one but what I took from reading it is the fact that life is what you make it no matter the road you're on. 

Don't be fooled by the title and lovely cover, this is not a light-hearted Christmas read but it is an intelligently written, thought-provoking book, with well-thought-out characters and a beautiful if a bit fantastical ending.

Many thanks to NetGalley, Faith Hogan, and Head of Zeus | Aria for the giving of the ARC.

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