In the Shadow of Time by Kevin Ansbro

In the Shadow of Time
.ePUB, 388 pages
Publication Date: 30 Aug 2021
By: 2qt Limited (Publishing)
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About The Book:
“I was in Mexico City for three months, and yet returned to England on the same day that I left…”

Through her time-travel research, physicist Dr Sofia Ustinova has attracted the interest of higher beings from a distant galaxy…Luna, a porcelain-skinned teenager, lives alone in a Danish forest where she guards an astonishing secret…Pablo, an optimistic shoeshine boy, struggles to earn a living on the sweltering streets of Mexico City…Meanwhile, Hugo Wilde, a British secret agent, embarks on a mission to kill a Russian assassin, unaware that his life is about to change in ways he could never have imagined.

My Review:
This was such a fantastic and unusual read. Ansbro is an amazing wordsmith and his world-building fascinated me. I am not a big fan of science fiction but I do love a good time travel story and magical realism.

I really loved the main characters in this book, they were so likable and realistic in their moods. thoughts, and behaviour. I liked the many timelines in the book, we have people from 1970, 1986, and 2020. The mention of the historical moments and the (awful) fashion were a fun reminder of what used to be. It was pretty funny seeing people from 2020 try to navigate a time before cell phones and the internet. Ansbro had me feeling like I was transported to Mexico (a place I have never been) with his descriptions of the weather, the people, his use of language, and the food.

The book can fall into multiple genres, mystery, historical fiction, fantasy, and of course science fiction but simply put this was a beautifully written book that I really enjoyed and ticked all the boxes for me, the book, in a nutshell, it is simply great storytelling.

A little tidbit: I found out that the author himself painted the cover photo and it is fantastic! 

Note: I know reviews shouldn't be personal towards the author but I can't write this review without saying what a wonderful human being I think Mr. Ansbro is on Twitter. He always supports other authors and bloggers by sharing and promoting works and reviews by and for others all the time. He is such a stand-up and talented guy and I was so pleased that my local library had a digital copy of his book for me to borrow. Thank you Toronto Public Library!

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