The New Person: A Novel by Loretta Nyhan

.ePUB, 249 pages
Expected Publication: 29 Nov 2022
By: Lake Union Publishing
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About The Book:
Single mother Roxy Novak works days at a dentist’s office and delivers food at night, making the best life she can for herself and her son, Aero. When her wealthy ex-husband decides to ask for full custody, telling her Aero will be better off living with him and his Instagram-famous new wife, Roxy is stunned and scared. How can she possibly get the money to fight back? Meanwhile, Nora and Owen Finnegan have been trying to have a child for years without success. After their latest surrogate suffers a miscarriage, they start the search again—and find Roxy, who sees a chance to salvage her own dreams of family by fulfilling theirs. But family is never simple, and neither are dreams. Nora, Owen, and Roxy hope that their surrogacy journey will lead them to what they want most in the world. All three will get more than they expected.

My Review:
This book surprised me in the best way. It was a lovely story about making a family and finding some connections along the way. What constitutes a family? Mine is an immediate family of three, me and my two adult sons. But my extended family contains multitudes, including those not related by blood or marriage. Most of the characters in this book were of the kind variety but they were well-rounded and had some flaws and were selfish at times so they seemed true to life. Roxy was my favourite character as she was so strong and stood up for herself when she needed to. I saw a lot of myself in her, she being a single mother working two jobs and doing what she needed to for her son.

My favourite part of this book was the connection between Roxy and Nora and the fact that we got the point of view from the expecting father as well. That was a refreshing change of pace. The book doesn't focus on surrogacy too much, it is really about the feelings and relationships surrounding the procedure and how the people involved deal with hope, loss, and grief. This was such a hopeful story, without being saccharine, for the most part, and I so loved the ending, it was really unexpected.

(Thanks to the author I will never order a Frosty from DoorDash or SkipTheDishes, ever!) 😝

Many thanks to NetGalley, Loretta Nyhan, and Lake Union Publishing for the giving of the ARC.

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