The Last Thing to Burn by Will Dean

.ePUB, 205 pages
Expected Publication: April 20th 2021 by Atria/Emily Bestler Books

About the Book:
On an isolated farm in the United Kingdom, a woman is trapped by the monster who kidnapped her seven years ago. When she discovers she is pregnant, she resolves to protect her child no matter the cost, and starts to meticulously plan her escape. But when another woman is brought into the fold on the farm, her plans go awry. Can she save herself, her child, and this innocent woman at the same time? Or is she doomed to spend the remainder of her life captive on this farm?

My Review:
There is no handcuff keeping me here, there is no manacle locked around my ankle. 
And yet I am imprisoned.

Oh my gosh, this book! It was so absorbing I read it in one sitting. It was painful and heart wrenching and loving and hateful. It had me feeling all emotions possible and it was so suspenseful and beautifully written. How is it possible to have a thriller as good as this also be literary fiction? 

This is a wonderfully crafted novel, complex and subtle. The reader is immersed in the story line, in vivid, intimate details of daily life, as layer after layer of lies and deception are peeled back to reveal a difficult truth. There are moments of great beauty and passages that make us examine some profound and ultimately unanswerable questions.

I highly recommend this book to everyone and I can't wait to read more from Will Dean, great work on your first release on this side of the pond! I commend you and truly feel honoured to be one of the first readers of this magnificent story. This will definitely be in my top list of 2021.

Thank you NetGalley, Will Dean and Atria/Emily Bestler Books for the opportunity to read this book in exchange for an impartial review; all opinions are my own.



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