Broken (In the Best Possible Way) by Jenny Lawson

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.ePUB, 256 pages
Expected Publication: April 6th 2021 2021 by Henry Holt & Company

About the Book:
As Jenny Lawson’s hundreds of thousands of fans know, she suffers from depression. In Broken, Jenny brings readers along on her mental and physical health journey, offering heartbreaking and hilarious anecdotes along the way. With people experiencing anxiety and depression now more than ever, Jenny humanizes what we all face in an all-too-real way, reassuring us that we’re not alone and making us laugh while doing it. From the business ideas that she wants to pitch to Shark Tank to the reason why Jenny can never go back to the post office, Broken leaves nothing to the imagination in the most satisfying way. And of course, Jenny’s long-suffering husband Victor—the Ricky to Jenny’s Lucille Ball—is present throughout.

My Review:
A refreshing, real life take on mental illness and the funny things that make life worth living. 

Lawson's book kept me laughing from the first chapter until the last page. The author shares hilarious episodes that bring on the tears from too much laughing but also gut punches you with the heartache of her illnesses. The book made me examine my own mental health history and where I can find the laughter in it.

Hilarious and enjoyable read. This was well written with vulnerability that you know you aren't alone in your hardships in life and can look back on every moment and see the beauty. I look forward to reading more of her books.

Thank you NetGalley, Jenny Lawson and Henry Holt & Company for the opportunity to read this book in exchange for an impartial review; all opinions are my own.

#Brokeninthebestpossibleway #NetGalley


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