All The Little Things by Sarah Lawton

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.ePUB, 256 pages
Expected publication: March 25th 2021 by Canelo

About the Book:
Rachel has made poor decisions in the past, but she has always tried her best for her daughter. When Vivian needed a fresh start, Rachel didn’t hesitate to move them far from London. She just wishes she could shake the nagging doubt that Vivian is hiding something. Vivian isn’t like other teenagers. On the surface she seems the same as her friends, but she knows she is different. When enigmatic Alex takes an interest in her, Vivian’s cool demeanour hides an intensity of feeling she has never known before. His touch sets her skin on fire. Mother and daughter are both keeping secrets. But just how dangerous are they? As lust and anger give way to violence Rachel will have to decide: is she prepared to give up everything for her child? Even her own life?

My Review:
With chapters alternating between Vivian and Rachel’s points of view, All The Little Things is a chilling and somewhat disturbing novel. The plot is interesting but the pacing is slow, at first. It starts off a seemingly regular story of a mother and her teenage daughter but then as we read the "London" chapters it starts to get a little creepy. We come to learn that Vivian is a sly and manipulative child. 

All The Little Things is the debut novel by Sarah Lawton. This story is fascinating and scary at the same time. Ms Lawton does an excellent job of keeping the reader turning the pages. I figured out the reveal pretty early on BUT Sarah Lawton brings the novel to a shocking conclusion that will leave readers wondering what the future holds for the Sanders family....and I am hoping/thinking there may be a sequel!? Either way I am looking forward to reading more by this author. 

Thank you NetGalley, Sarah Lawton and Canelo for the opportunity to read this book in exchange for an impartial review; all opinions are my own.

#AllTheLittleThings #NetGalley


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