The Woman in Our House by Andrew Hart

ebook, 352 pages
Published June 18th 2019 by Lake Union Publishing
About the Book:
What happens when you open your home to the perfect stranger? Anna Klein is ready to return to work as a literary agent for the first time since having children. She and her husband, Josh, decide to hire a live-in nanny with some trepidation, but all their misgivings disappear as soon as they meet Oaklynn Durst. She has stellar references, a calm disposition, and a natural way with children. Not to mention their kids simply adore her. But not long after Oaklynn arrives, the children start to come down with the most puzzling illnesses and inexplicable injuries. When the maternal Oaklynn is there to comfort everyone, Anna can’t help feeling a little eclipsed. And suspicious. Her husband and friends assure her that her anxieties are getting the best of her—Oaklynn is perfect. But Anna’s not so sure. As she delves into Oaklynn’s past, she discovers too late that the woman who has been living in her house is not at all who she claims to be. But Oaklynn’s not the only one who has been lying. And when everyone’s dark secrets are forced into the light, the consequences may just turn deadly.

It was impossible to say how it would end, but I felt that special pull of the well-crafted mystery that makes the reader desperate to know what happens.
This story was told from many perspectives with short chapters, and I loved that. I think the author did a great job linking them all together and making the story work plus it added the suspense element. I enjoyed the characters and felt for them in different ways and they acted true to life and believable.

I loved watching the relationship between Anna and Oaklynn develop. It was like watching a soap opera; lots of missed connections and dramatic reactions. Anna had such high hopes for this relationship but things didn't go the way she had planned and I was really entertained watching the downward spiral.

Such a page-turner based on interesting characters and complex family relationships; there is a mystery to solve, but it takes second place to all the inter-personal drama. I loved it so much I picked it up and didn't put it down until I was finished. It's not an in your face type of thriller but the writing is amazing and the story-line certainly keeps you reading.

Thank you NetGalley, Andrew Hart, Lake Union Publishing for the opportunity to read this book in exchange for an impartial review; all opinions are my own.

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