I Know You're There by Sarah Simpson

ebook, 316 pages
Expected publication: June 6th 2019 by Aria
About the Book:
Is your house as safe as you think? Natalie spent most of her childhood feeling afraid. So when she moved into her cosy little flat in St Ives and met her three friendly neighbours, she knew at once it was somewhere she'd feel safe. Before long, Natalie's neighbours have become the family she never had. Kind, motherly Morwenna, serious, reliable Nigel, and sweet, anxious Daniel. They collect each other's mail, water each other's plants, and share each others lives. But as Natalie knows all too well, the people who are closest to you can also be the most dangerous. And this house is not as safe as she thinks.

Sometimes it’s the shit that keeps you together rather than the good things.
This book was ok - very readable, and I finished it in one day. I didn't like the main character very much - she seemed to make every mistake and bad choice possible, and she wasn't very likable. While her actions, decisions and unpleasantness may make her a more realistic character, it makes for a frustrating reading experience as we watch her make one bad choice after another - sometimes even the same bad choices multiple times. We should have seen her grow and become smarter toward the end. That didn't happen. She was just strung along by chance happenings. She didn't mature, learn or overcome her problems...Or even try. Things just happened to her and she kept her whoa always me all throughout the story.

My father could argue with his own reflection for looking at him in the wrong way.
While I mostly enjoyed the book, I had a difficult time relating to the side characters because there was almost no character development for them. I often couldn't remember who they were when they popped up throughout the book. The story moves along fairly fast and was interesting and it had a lot of surprising twists and turns. It was a good book, but not great, I'm not disappointed I read this one. A lot of people have liked this book, so your enjoyment may vary and I would read another book by this author.

Money has no force against the past. Money cannot undo the past.
Bottom Line: You will enjoy unraveling the mystery the protagonist is engulfed in and there is just enough suspense and mystery to keep you guessing 'til the end. It is an engaging, quick read and deserving of nighttime distraction, but nothing award-worthy.

Thank you NetGalley, Sarah Simpson and Aria for the opportunity to read this book in exchange for an impartial review; all opinions are my own.

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