The Edge of Nowhere by C.H. Armstrong

ebook, 272 pages
Expected publication: June 1st 2019 by Central Avenue Publishing
(first published January 19th 2016)
About the Book:
The year is 1992 and Victoria Hastings Harrison Greene—reviled matriarch of a sprawling family—is dying. After surviving the Oklahoma Dust Bowl and the Great Depression, Victoria refuses to leave this earth before revealing the secrets she’s carried for decades. Once the child of a loving family during peaceful times, a shocking death shattered her life. Victoria came face to face with the harshness of the world. As the warm days of childhood receded to distant memory, Victoria learns to survive. No matter what it takes. To keep her family alive in an Oklahoma blighted by dust storms and poverty, Victoria makes choices—harsh ones, desperate ones. Ones that eventually made her into the woman her grandchildren fear and whisper about. Ones that kept them all alive. Hers is a tale of tragedy, love, murder, and above all, the conviction to never stop fighting.

C.H. Armstrong writes very well. She expresses thoughts and feelings in a subtly artistic fashion but keeping the originality of the feeling alive, unlike other authors who bury the genuineness of the thought deep within the metaphor. Her writing flows lucidly through your head while being simple and real and not bogged down by heavy words trying to buy literary credit.

Ms. Armstrong does a great job of maintaining the pacing of the book and the characters are very interesting. The setting of the novel is perhaps one of the best parts of the book. Armstrong does a wonderful job of creating the world that is Oklahoma. This is also part love story that will appeal to the romance fan. I really enjoyed this book but it does involve a few characters and you find out the history of the family and why certain things happened to current generations based upon the past. Don't get me wrong though, this is not one of those books where you need a list of characters in order to follow the story-line. In some situations, it is a little predictable, but I didn't mind. Overall, I had trouble putting it down.

Mystery, romance, loving others, acceptance, stability and finding yourself. What else can you ask for in a story!?

Thank you NetGalley, Central Avenue Publishing and C.H. Armstrong for the opportunity to read this book in exchange for an impartial review; all opinions are my own.

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