The Frederick Sisters Are Living the Dream by Jeannie Zusy

The Frederick Sisters Are Living the Dream: A Novel
.ePUB, 296 pages
Expected Publication: 20 Sep 2022
By: Atria Books

About The Book:
Every family has its fault lines, and when Maggie gets a call from the ER in Maryland where her older sister lives, the cracks start to appear. Ginny, her sugar-loving and diabetic older sister with intellectual disabilities, has overdosed on strawberry Jell-O. Maggie knows Ginny really can’t live on her own, so she brings her sister and her occasionally vicious dog to live near her in upstate New York. Their other sister, Betsy, is against the idea but as a professional surfer, she is conveniently thousands of miles away. Thus, Maggie’s life as a caretaker begins. It will take all of her dark humor and patience, already spread thin after a separation, raising two boys, freelancing, and starting a dating life, to deal with Ginny’s diapers, sugar addiction, porn habit, and refusal to cooperate. Add two devoted but feuding immigrant aides and a soon-to-be ex-husband who just won’t go away, and you’ve got a story that will leave you laughing through your tears as you wonder who is actually taking care of whom.

My Review:
This book was EVERYTHING! It was funny, sad, poignant, heartbreaking, heartwarming and authentic. I loved the characters so much, flaws and all. They were so real and honest, genuine and true to life. They made mistakes but loved each other fiercely and I enjoyed every minute I got to spend with them and being part of their lives. I loved Maggie's inner dialogue as she was sincere with her love for her sister and the rest of the family.

Such a unique take on caring for a sibling with special needs. I loved that it was sensitive to the situation while being honest with how difficult it can be for everyone involved. Although extremely sweet at times it wasn't saccharine or cloying and very realistic. I was thoroughly invested in this family and their lives and enjoyed watching them evolve. You can tell this story was told from the heart and the gut. 

I loved reading the author notes at the end, she mentions she had a brother with special needs and I know that's what made the book so great. This is a complex, compelling and enlightening read and a fabulous debut. I cannot wait to see what Jeannie Zusy comes up with next. All. The. Stars.

With many thanks to NetGalley, Jeannie Zusy and Atria Books for the giving of the ARC.



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