Moment in Time by Suzanne Redfearn

Moment in Time
.PDF, 311 pages
Expected Publication: 08 Mar 2022
By: Lake Union Publishing

About The Book:
It’s been eight years since a tragic accident changed Mo Kaminski’s and Chloe Miller’s lives forever. Now in their mid twenties, they’re sharing an apartment in San Francisco and navigating the normal challenges of early adulthood. Along with their roommate, Hazel, they are making their marks on the world—Mo revolutionizing the news with her media start-up, Hazel using her big brain to anticipate the future, and Chloe rescuing abandoned strays in the city. But when Hazel disappears after being sexually assaulted, Mo’s and Chloe’s lives are again suddenly ripped apart. And when the perpetrator turns up drugged and beaten, the mystery of where Hazel is deepens. Intensely worried and desperate to discover the truth, they set out to find Hazel and bring her home. Mo and Chloe are no strangers to tragedy, but this journey will test them in ways they never imagined. The stakes are high; the future uncertain; the need for justice essential. Will their commitment to their friend bring them closer together—or ultimately drive them apart?

My Review:
I really enjoyed Hadley & Grace by this author and when I saw the blurb for her current work I just had to read it and am I ever glad I did. I would also like to thank other reviews who mentioned reading In An Instant first! It was such a joy to meet up with Chloe and Mo again, this time as young women in their mid-twenties. This was such a dark book getting into the nitty gritty of roofies and date rape. Ms. Redfearn does not shy away from tough topics and is such a terrific story teller. I loved how she was so hard hitting here and the author's note at the end was a nice touch. I like how the girls friendship and sticking together was at the forefront of the plot. I zipped through this one in a single sitting because I had to know what really happened, and I loved the simple but surprising twist.

With many thanks to NetGalley, Suzanne Redfearn and Lake Union Publishing for the giving of the ARC.

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