Listening Still by Anne Griffin

Listening Still 
.ePUB, 252 pages
Expected Publication: 01 Mar 2022
By: St. Martin's Press

About The Book:
Jeanie Masterson has a gift: she can hear the last words of the dead. Passed down from generation to generation, this gift means she is able to make wrongs right, to give voice to unspoken love and dying regrets. She and her father have worked happily alongside each other for years, but now he's unexpectedly announced that he wants to retire early and leave the business to her and her life is called into question. Does she really want to be married to the embalmer, or does she want to be with her childhood sweetheart, off in London? Does she want to have children, and pass this gift on to them? And does she want to be stuck in this small town, or is there more of the world she wants to see - like the South of France, where she's discovered a woman who shares her gift? Tied to her home by this unusual talent, she begins to question: what if what she's always thought of as a gift is a curse?

My Review: 
I adored When All Is Said by Anne Griffin so it was an automatic request for this one and I am so pleased I did as Anne Griffin did not disappoint. This was such a melancholy story and not only because Jeanie can communicate with the dead but because she seems to be living her life that isn't for herself, she's living it for her father, her brother and her husband. 

I loved how this story is told through two timelines and shifted from Jeanie's past to present. It let me really get to know her and find out the reasons she is the way she is. I felt like I got to really see Jeanie and truly understand her. I love Anne Griffin's writing style and how engaging this story was. I only wish there were more scenes of Jeanie communicating with the dead, they were my favourite parts of the book.

With many thanks to NetGalley, Anne Griffin and St. Martin's Press for the giving of the ARC.



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