The Hunted: Sins of the Father (Duality, #2) by Sara Ennis

The Hunted: Sins of the Father (Duality, #2)
.ePUB, 191 pages
Expected Publication: 01 Dec 2021
Self Published by the Author Sara Ennis

About The Book:
Two years ago, Angel survived something so traumatic it sent her into hiding. She’s committed to living a life that honors the losses of her past, despite her physical and emotional scars. That means proving she isn’t the coward she was once accused of being. Emily Bright and her best friend Harper White have big dreams, but a chance meeting has changed the course of their future. When Angel finds Emily, bloody and traumatized, in a truck stop bathroom. The story Emily tells is incredible: a sheriff abducts and tortures women, then turns them loose on his ranch to be hunted like animals. No one has escaped… until now. Emily got out, but Harper is still on the ranch. Angel must choose between turning a blind eye or being the kind of person who helps others, even if it means putting herself in peril – again. The next hunt is about to begin.

My Review: 
I’ve been through some shit with Alfred. But nothing like this. This is next-level crazy.

I was so happy to see this on NetGalley as I loved The Doll House (Book 1) and Two Lies & a Truth (Book .5) I highly recommend them both as they are creepy as Hell. I recommend you read the first two books before reading this as it helps to see what happened to Angel in the past.

Sara Ennis knows how to write thrilling fiction, she doesn't shy away from dark themes or graphic violence. The violence in this series is not gratuitous, it is used to show just how messed up a mind can get from an abusive childhood, it is also used to help portray the fear and anxiety the victims feel. I also got a sense that when the victims fight back it is to show how we can gain strength from what hurts us. This book deals with female friendship in the best light as well. I liked how none of these people were blood related but considered each other family. I am not usually a series reader but I liked this one so much that I am excited that there is going to be another book in 2022, that says a lot about how much I enjoy Ms. Ennis' writing. I am really looking forward to book 3!

With many thanks to NetGalley but especially to author Sara Ennis for the giving of the ARC.

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