Greenwich Park by Katherine Faulkner

Greenwich Park
.ePUB, 358 pages
Expected Publication: 25 Jan 2022
By: Simon & Schuster Canada, Gallery Books

About The Book:
Helen’s idyllic life—handsome architect husband, gorgeous Victorian house, and cherished baby on the way (after years of trying)—begins to change the day she attends her first prenatal class and meets Rachel, an unpredictable single mother-to-be. Rachel doesn’t seem very maternal: she smokes, drinks, and professes little interest in parenthood. Still, Helen is drawn to her. Maybe Rachel just needs a friend. And to be honest, Helen’s a bit lonely herself. At least Rachel is fun to be with. She makes Helen laugh, invites her confidences, and distracts her from her fears. But her increasingly erratic behavior is unsettling. And Helen’s not the only one who’s noticed. Her friends and family begin to suspect that her strange new friend may be linked to their shared history in unexpected ways. When Rachel threatens to expose a past crime that could destroy all of their lives, it becomes clear that there are more than a few secrets laying beneath the broad-leaved trees and warm lamplight of Greenwich Park.

My Review:
Right from the opening letter, from prison, to the very last chapter the pace of this book was so fast...getting sucked into the book was instantaneous and I couldn't stop reading. We are immersed into the lives of Helen and Rachel right away...BUT...there are a lot of characters in this book. Daniel is Helen's husband, Serena is married to Helen's brother Rory and journalist Katie is dating Helen's younger brother Charlie. Helen, Rachel and Serena are all pregnant though the book and due around the same time. Interesting, right!? I loved the multiple points of view from all four women and the entire time I was reading I felt that something ominous was about to happen...Rachel was always lurking around every corner, inside and out...creepy!

I thought I knew where this book was going...HA! Here's me thinking I was so smart but Ms. Faulkner had me fooled! I love when the twists are unexpected and surprising. The author has such talent...the writing was impeccable and the characters exquisitely devious...I loved reading about them and that ending was the best. What an amazing debut, I look forward to what Katherine Faulkner comes up with next.

With many thanks to NetGalley, Katherine Faulkner and Simon & Schuster Canada, Gallery Books for the giving of the ARC.

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