All the Missing Pieces by Julianna Keyes

ebook, 283 pages
Expected publication: September 21st 2020 self published by Julianna Keyes
About the Book:
Reese Carlisle hates her life. Three years after her father's arrest for one of the largest embezzlement schemes in history, twenty million dollars is missing, and the world believes she knows where it is. Two years after her brother's death, they still think she killed him. One year later, she's still hiding. When the loneliness is too much, she seeks out strangers for one dark night, no questions asked. She makes up a name, puts on a disguise, and tries to forget. One night she meets a new man. She tells him her name is Denise, she's a dental assistant, and she loves dogs. He tells her she's smart, she's pretty, she's funny. Things she hasn't heard in too long. Things that are too good to be true...

Are you ready for this provocative, suspenseful read?

I don't even really know where to start with this one. I will say this...Any author that can branch out from her normal genre of romance and write something like this says tremendous things about them. The first person point of view of this book was interesting and it worked. It was beyond fascinating seeing Reese from the POV we did and written any other way I don't think this book would have been what it is and that would have been disappointing.

At times some things were predictable but the plot twists that came out of nowhere and in such a delectable way. Just sit back and be prepared for your heart to race and your mind to run with possibilities...did she do it? Bravo Ms. Keyes. I only hope we get to see more of this side of you in the future.

Thank you NetGalley and Julianna Keyes for the opportunity to read this book in exchange for an impartial review; all opinions are my own.

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