A Life Worth Living by Louise Guy

A Life Worth Living
.ePUB, 326 pages
Expected publication: October 15th 2020 by Amazon Publishing UK
About the Book:
Eve and Leah are identical twins—but beyond that, they’re polar opposites. Struggling journalist Leah envies Eve’s seemingly perfect life—the loyal husband, the beautiful twin daughters, the stellar career—little knowing that what Eve longs for most is Leah’s independence. When a shocking event upends their world, one woman seizes a split-second chance to change everything and follow her sister down a different life path. It’s a spontaneous choice, but there’s no going back. How will she deal with the fallout when covering up one untruth means lying to everyone—about everything? One thing is clear: both twins have secrets, and both just want to be happy. But what price will they pay to live the life they’ve always wanted?

My Review:
The idea of this book really intrigued me, twins with different personalities and family secrets. I just felt that the beginning of the book didn't live up to my expectations and the writing was a little pedestrian, the book was also VERY repetitive at times and I found it a bit long.

I found parts of the plot kind of unreal and you have to suspend belief. The second half of the book really dragged on to me and I was SO tempted to DNF. I think I was just the wrong reader for this one as it has many four and five star reviews...so take what I say with a grain of salt.

Thank you NetGalley, Louise Guy and Amazon Publishing UK for the opportunity to read this book in exchange for an impartial review; all opinions are my own.

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