No Sister of Mine by Vivien Brown

ebook, 317 pages
Expected publication: January 17th 2020 by Harper Impulse, Killer Reads and One More Chapter
About the Book:
Two sisters, both emerging into womanhood, but they couldn’t be more different; Eve, the mature and sensible one. Sarah, headstrong and eager for a taste of life. Eve is struggling to recover from a bad experience with a boy at a party and embarks on university life determined that nothing like that will happen to her again. Sarah can’t wait to grow up, she’s sick of Eve’s lectures and is determined to make a grab at life despite being barely out of school. When Eve brings a new face home for the holidays, Sarah does something that will change both of their lives forever. Something that Eve can never forget – or forgive. But life won’t keep them apart forever and decades later, one of them will have to choose whether to put the past behind her, or to hold on to hate forever.

I hated every main character in this book, the three of them were selfish and needy. They had no conscience and Josh was nothing but an egoistical philanderer. I have no idea why this is touted as a mystery/thriller as it is neither. It plays out as more of a poorly done soap opera.

"I hated Josh, yet I loved Josh. I was angry with him, yet I couldn’t stop thinking about him." That seemed to be the whole premise of this book. Two weak, whiny women, who are sisters, fighting for the same man. A man who cheats and lies all of his adult life. Why oh why would anyone want to be with someone like that!? Grow a pair!

So much potential to talk about important issues such as teen pregnancy and sexual assault but this book seemed to focus more on the wimpy women and less on substance.

Thank you NetGalley, Vivien Brown, Harper Impulse, Killer Reads and One More Chapter for the opportunity to read this book in exchange for an impartial review; all opinions are my own.



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