How to Make Time for Me by Fiona Perrin

ebook, 437 pages
Published July 11th 2019 by Aria
About the Book:
No-one said being a single mum would be easy. Everyone knows that being a single mother means having no time to yourself. But for Callie Brown, its more exhausting than most. She's juggling the needs of three teenage children, two live-in parents, a raffish ex-husband, and a dog who never stops eating. The last thing Callie needs is anything more on her plate. So when she bumps (quite literally) into a handsome, age-appropriate cyclist, she's quick to dismiss him from her life. After all, if she doesn't have time to brush her hair in the morning, she certainly doesn't have time to fall in love. Funny, heartwarming and oh-so-true, this is a novel about motherhood, families and life after divorce.

This is a delightful story...written by a talented and very funny woman. Every mother in the world will identify with Callie. her journey of self-discovery is an absolute joy to behold. Mostly this is what I expected: suburban somewhat frumpy/frazzled mom gets unexpected crush/crushes on and the funny moments that would go with such a premise. But eventually, the main character asked herself some hard questions about how and why she lost parts of herself along the way of being a mom and having teen aged children. I liked her answers and ownership. And how she decides to move forward was warm and wonderful. It was enjoyable and it spoke to me.

The writing was easy and fun with believable characters and each had distinct personalities. Thought-provoking, memorable and occasionally snarky dialogue made it flirty and laugh out loud. Bottom line? This is a thoroughly enjoyable story of self-discovery and forgiveness, populated by a cast of memorable characters. It's a fast-reading bit of escapism romantic comedy readers will love.

Thank you NetGalley, Fiona Perrin and Aria for the opportunity to read this book in exchange for an impartial review; all opinions are my own.

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