The Homecoming by Andrew Pyper

ebook, 368 pages
Expected publication: February 26th 2019 by Simon & Schuster
About the Book:
After the death of their absentee father, Aaron and Bridge Quinlan travel to a vast rainforest property in the Pacific Northwest to hear the reading of his will. There, they meet up with their mother and troubled sister, Franny, and are shocked to discover the will’s terms: in order to claim their inheritance they must all remain at the estate for thirty days without any contact with the outside world. Despite their concerns, they agree. The Quinlans soon come to learn their family has more secrets than they ever imagined—revelations that at first inspire curiosity, then fear. Why does Bridge have faint memories of the estate? Why did their father want them to be sequestered there together? And what is out there they feel pulling them into the dark heart of the woods?

It was like we were acting at being a family instead of living as one.
This was my first book by Andrew Pyper, a fellow Canadian. Vivid characters and descriptive visuals combined with gripping psychological thrills pulled me along scene after scene. I have not read a novel this engrossing in a long time. Brilliantly written with memorable imagery, this story will surprise you. The story concept is very intriguing and it kept me absorbed. The main characters are extremely likable and are well developed. The pacing is so amazing for such a tightly constrained setting.

A family is a group of people who have different versions of the same experience.
I love the way that Andrew Pyper writes. I connected to his characters and felt like I was immersed in what was happening inside, and around, that lodge. I felt engaged the whole time and I was invested in the outcome of every character. I’m not quite sure how he did this but there were scenes where I had to pause and marvel at the beauty of the descriptive sentences. The story is very well crafted and the prose is very fluid.

But they did nothing wrong. They did nothing.
The premise had me captivated, the mystery kept me riveted. I literally did not put this down until it was finished. It takes masterful skills to communicate action through fiction, especially with little change in scenery, yet that is exactly what the author accomplishes, along with deep connection with the characters. Highly recommend.

Thank you NetGalley, Simon & Schuster and Andrew Pyper for the opportunity to read this book in exchange for an impartial review; all opinions are my own.


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