Why by Tatiana Vedenska

Kindle Edition, 321 pages
Expected publication: October 16th 2018 by LitHunters Ltd.
About the Book:
I hate him. Finally, she said those three words to herself. At first glance, Elena has it all. A woman in her forties with a seemingly great job as the deputy director of an international company, a beautiful home, and once a picture-perfect family life: a university professor for a husband and a fifteen-year-old son. She's doing her best juggling her career and her family when one day it dawns upon her. She cannot stand her husband anymore. Where do you go from there? What are you going to do when after 15 years, "don't" slips inside your routine "I love you"? WHY is a family tragedy that describes the emotional stages a couple goes through after a sudden realization that they don't satisfy each other emotionally and have been having affairs. Can their marriage be saved, or is it dead in the sand? This gripping novel deconstructs feelings and relationships and tells a story about letting go, grieving, moving on, ambitions, finding yourself, and understanding another's feelings; it is a compelling tale about past opportunities to find love and happiness. Beautifully crafted by Tatiana Vedenska, WHY explores the limits of an impasse reached after fifteen years of marriage, when divorce seems to be inevitable, with characters and circumstances coming straight from reality. This novel reflects a newly single woman's bitter reality before embracing her new life.

Slamming the door as hard as you could was a family tradition in our house.
Within the first few chapters of this book I was hooked. Andrei was such a rude and cold husband. I didn't understand why anyone would find this man attractive and swoon worthy for a main character. Elena wasn't my favorite character, but she didn't lack in backbone. This woman could hold her own against quite a bit.

I had certainly done some damage to the body while trying to numb the heart.
I thought the story did a great job of illustrating the ways people can hurt and abuse one another when they're operating under misconceptions, I also enjoyed the honest portrayal of how difficult it is to forgive and trust yourself again after being a victim.

There was no hate left in my heart now, only emptiness.
It's a book where I thought I knew exactly where we were going but, in reality, took me places I never thought I'd visit. I really needed to know what was going to happen. The tension ramps up nicely throughout, interspersed with some deliciously dark humour that did make me laugh.

Thank you NetGalley, LitHunters and Tatiana Vedenska for the opportunity to read this book in exchange for an impartial review; all opinions are my own.

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