Who Do You Think You Are Maggie Pink? by Janet Hoggarth

Who Do You Think You Are Maggie Pink?
.ePUB, 319 pages
Expected Publication: 16 Jun 2022
By: Boldwood Books

About The Book:
Maggie is a mother to a stroppy teenager, a wife to a befuddled husband, and a daughter to two very different women. She has always known she’s adopted, but has she ever understood what that means? Not really. Following the death of her mother, Maggie finally feels able to go in search of her birth mother Morag, and heads to the Highlands of Scotland with her disgruntled daughter Roxie in tow, leaving her crumbling marriage to worry about another day. The family reunion is bittersweet, but everything is blown wide open when Roxie unearths Morag’s explosive teenage diaries. Why did Morag give Maggie away? What really happened all those years ago, and how have the echoes of the past resounded through the generations, like ripples in a puddle? And when all the secrets and promises are out in the open, will Maggie finally have an answer to the question – who do you think you are Maggie Pink?

My Review:
Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, today is a gift, 
that’s why it’s called the present. 
This story is soo sad in a myriad of different ways. Grief is a prominent one as well as many other types of loss, but what I took away from this story was hope, hope that we can move on. We never really stop grieving but every day we wake up and it hurts a little less, this does not mean we don't miss or forget our loved ones, just that we are honouring their life by being happy and continuing on. 

Tragedy plus time equals comedy. 
I loved that this book was intergenerational...four generations to be exact. The novel shows how some things are nature but also nurture. I loved seeing both sides shine through. There is some teenaged angst here and also the problem or growing older, and we learn through the characters stories that you can't run away from your problems. I loved how the issues were delt with sensitivity but also very realistic. Many serious items were mention throughout the book, like teenage pregnancy, infidelity, menopause, PTSD, post-natal depression and the like. There was also a lot of humour in the book, a lot of times I found myself laughing at the characters inner dialogue. I loved this book on so many levels and I can't believe I have never read a Janet Hoggarth book before. Shame on me. All. The. Stars.

With many thanks to NetGalley, Janet Hoggarth and Boldwood Books for the giving of the ARC.

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