Half Sisters by Virginia Franken

Half Sisters
.PDF, 249 pages
Expected Publication: 21 Jun 2022
By: Lake Union Publishing

About The Book:
After being gone for two decades, Maddy’s half sister, Emily, is back in town to settle their late father’s estate. Emily’s not the troubled girl Maddy remembers from their volatile childhood. Apparently, all is well. It can’t possibly matter anymore that Maddy married Emily’s first love, but the pictures Maddy finds on her husband’s phone tell a different story. Suspicions of an affair are hard to ignore. Then again, Maddy hasn’t been herself lately. She’s increasingly confused. She’s losing items that are precious to her. She forgets where she’s going. The line between what’s real and unreal has become a blur. Even the damning photos have disappeared. Though her state of mind starts to become everyone’s cause for concern, Maddy refuses to believe she’s losing her grip on reality. But the one thing she can’t deny is the secret from the past that rewrote all their lives—a secret that’s ready to come out.

My Review:
One person remembering something doesn’t make it a truth, you know. Unless everyone buys into exactly the same story, a true thing sometimes isn’t a true thing at all.

This was such a suspenseful read and we really are not sire who's fooling who in this one. I love how the story starts of slowly and layer by layer all is revealed and by the time we get to the end all hell has broken loose. This was a real page turner and I managed it in a couple of sittings. I was completely enthralled. The three points of view and different timelines are seamlessly executed and is my favourite format. 

Such an amazing psychological, family drama, with plenty of unreliable narrators and unlikeable characters. That last scene was pretty awesome, when everyone reveals their true selves and I hope we hear more from these characters as I would love to know what happens to them next. 

With many thanks to NetGalley, Virginia Franken and Lake Union Publishing for the giving of the ARC.

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