The Girl Who Left by Jenny Blackhurst

The Girl Who Left
.ePUB, 256 pages
Expected Publication: 30 Jun 2022
By: Canelo

About The Book:
When five-year-old Elsie Button was snatched from a garden in a sleepy town on the Welsh island of Anglesey, and a local man later confessed, it sent shockwaves through the tight-knit community. How could one of their own do such a thing? Especially when his own little girl was the same age – and the victim’s best friend. Kathryn and her family left under the cloak of darkness one night, unable to bear the shame, and the anger of their neighbours. She hardly remembers that time. Now, she suffers the consequences of living under an assumed name, always looking over her shoulder. Her dad has not spoken a word to her since he went to prison. She is haunted by the question: why did he kill Elsie? When another child is taken from the same garden, twenty-five years to the day of Elsie’s murder, Kathryn is determined that this time she’ll be on the right side. She’ll join the search and atone for her father’s deed, and maybe, just maybe, get the answers she wants. But she’s not prepared for the long memory of the locals, nor the risks of going back. Not everyone on the island wants the truth to come out, and they’ll go to extreme lengths to stop that from happening.

My Review: 
After enjoying both How I Lost You and Before I Let You In, by this author, I was really excited to get this from NetGalley but this was kind of a bust for me. I figured out the who about twelve pages in...That is a big bummer for this reader. I read a lot of thrillers so maybe I am just too good of a sleuth? This isn't a bad book by any means and I think most people would enjoy the twists and turns this one takes...There are some red herrings to try and throw the reader for a loop but I am just too damn intelligent for it to get past me. 😂 I did enjoy the journey to see if I was right and this was a quick read at only 256 pages on my tablet. I have to say it was pretty original and I liked the police procedural part of the story. I also enjoyed the setting in Wales and the small town feel surrounding the book. I would recommend this to mystery lovers I am just too smart for my own good!

With many thanks to NetGalley, Jenny Blackhurst and Canelo for the giving of the ARC.

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