The Night We Met by Zoë Folbigg

#TheNightWeMet #NetGalley
.ePUB, 336 pages
Expected publication: February 11th 2021 by Aria & Aries

About the Book:
As a man holds his wife's frail hand, he recounts a journey like no other...Daniel and Olivia are destined to be together. At least, Daniel thinks this the night he sees Olivia across a sea of people. As he backpacks through Australia, Daniel and Liv continue to cross paths, yet never speak. Until one night, Liv joins Daniel for a drink. And that night everything changes. Back in London, stuck in a monotonous routine, Daniel finds himself daydreaming of the woman with green eyes and fiery hair. Armed with only a name he begins a hunt to find her. With every passing moment, Daniel's hopes begin to disappear. What if it wasn't meant to be? But then fate steps in, and Daniel and Olivia's story can truly begin.

My Review:
Maybe the Grim Reaper doesn’t wear a hood and a cloak. 
Maybe he’s so bland and nondescript, people don’t see death looming at all.

This is a story of survival, second chances and love...A tale with such emotion that I will remember it long after reading it. I have no idea about the thought process to create such an amazing book, I loved the characters, the setting and the amazing journey the book took me on. You can feel each situation as it happened and I felt the heartache and joys in equal measure.

I cannot even begin to explain how much I enjoyed this book. I couldn't wait to turn the page, but then I hated to see it end. Such a beautiful, awe-inspiring story...I could not stop reading once I started, I felt like I was right there with the characters in the story. Ms. Folbigg is an excellent author and I am looking forward to future books from her. This is my third book by Zoë Folbigg and by far my favourite.

Thank you NetGalley, Zoë Folbigg and Aria & Aries for the opportunity to read this book in exchange for an impartial review; all opinions are my own.

#TheNightWeMet #NetGalley


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