Psychological Thriller Box Set by Miranda Rijks

Psychological Thriller Box Set
.66 of a Star
.ePUB, 756 pages
Expected publication: January 21st 2021 by Inkubator Books

About the Book(s):
Roses Are Red
Lydia Palmer seems to have it all - a thriving business, a beautiful house, a picture-perfect husband and two wonderful kids. But things are different behind closed doors - Lydia is desperately unhappy and wants a divorce. Then, shockingly, her husband Adam dies. When her grief eases, Lydia starts online dating and almost immediately meets Patrick. Handsome, successful, loving, he’ll make the perfect second husband. But is Patrick too good to be true? Can you really find prince charming online?

Deserve to Die
Dom and Stacey have the perfect life. Until they meet Tamara. Brilliant, beautiful, she hides a horrifying plan -- one that may destroy them all. And as her plan unfolds, Dom and Stacey find their lives slipping out of control. Taking them from heaven into the deepest, darkest hell.

You Are Mine
Rupert has spent years searching for his perfect wife. Now he’s found her. Her name is Charlotte Aldridge and she’s wonderful. A talented artist, modest and beautiful, she’s everything he ever dreamed of. Her hair, her eyes, her mouth - every little detail is perfect. Rupert is confident that when they meet, she’ll fall in love with him just as he has with her. But what if Charlotte can’t see that they’re a perfect fit, that they’re meant for each other? Well, Rupert can be very, very persuasive.

My Review(s):

Roses Are Red: A psychological thriller with a twist you won't see coming
Roses Are Red:
No Stars


I hated the main character, Lydia...she was selfish, stupid and very easy to manipulate.

- Dating after death of husband four months earlier 
- Lends money to new guy twice
- Engaged, to 2nd guy she dates within 7 months of the death
- Knowing him for only three months gets engaged to him
- She got engaged when the kids have only met the guy only once
- Friends/sister haven't met him at all
- She does EVERYTHING he says, like no party for the wedding
- She has to keep "reminding herself" that he is the man she loves now
- Believes this loser over her friend of 20 years
(I'm not talking little incidentals, I'm talking MURDER!)

And the main reason I hated this book:
- I knew Fiona was in on it 1/4 of the way in


Deserve To Die
Deserve to Die:
For the first third I was enjoying the book but then the characters started getting on my nerves and the writing became very repetitive and I guessed the "big reveal" just passed the half way mark.

I hate when thrillers use the mental health card and call characters with issues "fragile". Being late to pick up your kids means you're losing your mind? P-LEASE. If that was the case I would have been locked up years ago!

Another part of the plot was the husband not trusting the wife after one disastrous evening out. I mean after having what the book called a "good marriage" the husband suddenly doesn't trust his wife after ONE incident...I'm not buying into it.

I found Stacey very whiny and needy it made me want to barf..."I look up at him, so grateful for my steady husband." PUKE! Dom was mostly patronizing and treated Stacey like a child. I'm afraid from there it only got worse. Such a shame because it was a good story idea.

As far as I'm concerned Stacey did deserve to die and so does every other main character in this book. But don't take my word for it as this book has a 4.21 rating so maybe I read it wrong?

You Are Mine 
You Are Mine:
This book bordered on the ridiculous, the main character named his penis and the dialogue was stilted. I figured out the big twist a quarter of the way through the book and the "big" second reveal I had figured out less than forty percent in...

Bottom Line:
I hated all three books in this collection, Miranda Rijks is definitely not for me. I need something a little more intelligent and interesting.

Thank you NetGalley, Miranda Rijks and Inkubator Books for the opportunity to read this book in exchange for an impartial review; all opinions are my own.

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