When She Was Good (Cyrus Haven #2) by Michael Robotham

ebook, 340 pages
Expected publication: July 28th 2020 by Scribner
About the Book:
Who is Evie, the girl with no past, running from? She was discovered hiding in a secret room in the aftermath of a terrible crime. Her ability to tell when someone is lying helped Cyrus crack an impenetrable case in Good Girl, Bad Girl. Now, the closer Cyrus gets to uncovering answers about Evie’s dark history, the more he exposes Evie to danger, giving her no choice but to run. Ultimately, both will have to decide if some secrets are better left buried and some monsters should never be named.

I loved the first book in this series and the second did not disappoint. This was one of the most intriguing stories Michael Robotham has written. Talk about your twists and turns, this one has them in spades. I had to put the book down once (duty calls, you know), which I didn't want to do. I picked it back up as soon as I could. I really enjoyed the character interactions and watched as the focal point's character was highlighted and blossomed over the course of the story.

When She Was Good is a fast paced thriller that is like a roller coaster ride. For every upward movement which allows the reader to just breathe the plummet downward makes you want to scream. Evie is damaged goods and understandably angry and fearful of anyone who tries hard to conform to what is demanded of her. As in his other books there are no perfect human beings. All characters have flaws, secrets and pain. In other words like real people in real life. This is a must read if you like psychological thrillers. All. The Stars.

Thank you NetGalley, Scribner and Michael Robotham for the opportunity to read this book in exchange for an impartial review; all opinions are my own.



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