Defending JacobDefending Jacob by William Landay

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We were despised, somebody had to be responsible for Jacob, and we had created the boy and raised him—we must have done something wrong.

I always wanted to read this novel and it was sitting on my shelf for years....then I heard the was a mini series based on the book. I have to read the book before I watch the series so I picked up my paperback yesterday and couldn't put the thing down!

The plot, characters, and action of this novel are simply perfect. Landay's writing is superb: I couldn't stop reading nor imagining such a shocking ending. It raises many moral questions that no parent should ever ponder, but I guess that's what makes this such a powerful book.

The novel is a page-turner from the beginning; and it never lets up. We readers get a intensive look into the American justice system's failures in assuring that the innocent go free and the guilty face justice.

Landay's writing style is different & refreshing. I enjoyed the character development as well as the personalities of each person in the book. This is the first novel of his that I have read and I would definitely read more of his writings.

I am going to start watching the series now and maybe I'll update my review to include that...

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