The Third Mrs. Durst by Ann Aguirre

ebook, 312 pages
Published August 8th 2019 by Midnight Ink
About the Book:
Marlena Altizer Durst lives in her husband's shadow. He controls her every move—what she wears, the food she eats, and the friends she's allowed to make. If she disobeys, there are...consequences. And he has all the power. To outsiders, it seems that she leads a fairy-tale life. But nobody ever wonders if Cinderella was happy after she married the prince. Marlena has traded freedom and safety for luxurious imprisonment, and most days, that seems like a bad bargain. Death may be the only exit she's allowed. Just like his first wife. And his second. Unless she flips the script.

Some people just need killing.
My husband thinks I’m one of them.
We’ll see who dies today.

Ann Aguirre has a way of grabbing a hold of you with her writing and this new book is no different. In her latest novel, Ann Aguirre knows exactly how to keep the reader on edge the entire time. The Third Mrs. Durst had a way of making me want to keep reading at the end of each chapter and I ended up reading this in one sitting, that says a lot about how much I enjoyed this.

I was completely immersed from page one. The action started up immediately and had me hooked till the end. The author is amazing at setting a scene. No detail is skipped over. Ms. Aguirre has a way of writing characters that you love, or hate or even love to hate.

I would have given this story a four or fiver star rating but some of it just wasn't believable enough to deserve so many stars. It did have an excellent plot line and enticing characters. And there’s always that unexpected twist. Damn that twist. In conclusion, I enjoyed this book and I would read other works by this author.

Thank you NetGalley, Ann Aguirre and Midnight Ink for the opportunity to read this book in exchange for an impartial review; all opinions are my own.

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