Lie for Me by Mick Bose

Kindle Edition, 347 pages
Published June 8th 2018 by Hard Line Publications
About the Book:
WOULD YOU KILL TO SAVE YOUR DAUGHTER'S LIFE? Emma Dixon has a great life. Loving husband and perfect daughter. But she gets an email from an unknown person who has photos of little Molly. More messages arrive, and the threat against Molly rises to a critical point. Who is sending them? And why are they after Molly? Someone tracks every move Emma makes. They will not let go.

I couldn't give this book many stars simply because there were so many editorial errors. There were misspellings, missing words, the wrong word and grammatical errors. The editing and the continuity of this book was amateurish. The writing at the beginning was banal and felt like it was going nowhere.

Unfortunately, I just never got into that groove of reading when you just can't put the book down because you are so caught up in the story. Part of the problem was that the writing style just felt very short, simple and to the point rather than being very descriptive. This hurt the story in my opinion because it never seemed to flow very well. The characters were undeveloped and were such stereotypes. The writing is infuriatingly simplistic and the plotting mediocre with too many coincidences that would never be believable in anyone’s life and left many questions with no answers.

The protagonist takes everything out of context, thinks everything is about her to the point of feeling superior to everyone she meets and that includes her daughter. You keep reading along thinking it can’t get any worse but it can. The characters were so one-note, especially the main narrator. Her constant self pity and smothering idea of motherhood was tedious and incredibly annoying. The only thing that is "heart stopping" about this book is its poorly constructed plot and flat characters.

While the premis was a great one, and I enjoyed reading the latter parts of the book, I am afraid the execution was lacking.


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